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01 August '14

Nexia International - Global Insight - July 2014

Interesting quarterly news items from the Nexia international network.

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VGD International

VGD also follows its clients abroad. With success!

VGD International

VGD also follows its clients abroad. With success!

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What can VGD do for you?

  • Audit


    You want to provide reliable figures and limit your risks? We perform audits assuring you that guarantee.

  • TAX


    You want to reduce your tax contribution to a minimum? We can help you.

  • Accountancy


    You would like to optimise your bookkeeping and figures? The knowledge we offer results in immediate return.

  • Legal


    In need of legal advice? We counsel you in all aspects of company law, acquisition policies and contract management.

  • Country Desks

    Country Desks

    You have the ambition to grow outside your country’s borders? VGD takes over your administrative concerns.

  • VGD Online

    VGD Online

    You wish to keep a close eye on the financial situation of your company? We coach you online… 7 days a week, whenever you like.

  • VAT


    In need of advice on indirect taxes (VAT, customs and excises) ? Our experts will assist you.

  • Grants


    You can’t see the wood for the trees? We will help you apply for the subsidies you are entitled to.

  • Mergers & acquisitions

    Mergers & acquisitions

    You are considering an important merger or acquisition? We support you in your ambition to make your business grow.

  • Estate planning

    Estate planning

    You haven’t considered asset planning yet? We organise a safe and profitable transfer or enjoyment of your private capital or property.

  • Environmental


    You are concerned about the environment and you want to meet the environmental requirements? We share your concern and will gladly help you achieve these goals.

Beyond partnership: accounting & bookkeeping services

In order to run a company it Is necessary to monitor closely the fast changing laws on accounting, fiscal matters, environmental and corporate law.

A company that is financially and administratively organised provides insight, allows you to take the appropriate measures and contributes largely to its success.

VGD wants to help you by giving to-the-point tax, audit and accountancy advice. Our professional team of auditors, accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and other experts offer you custom-made solutions.

We gladly counsel ambitious starters, liberal professionals and entrepreneurs, on both national and international levels, so as to meet their challenges. We also pay special attention to the interests of family shareholders.

We excel in practical and solid knowledge on both national and international levels. That is why we can count many international listed companies to our clientele. Also non-profit organisations make use of our services.

VGD wants to optimally support your organisation, big or small, in executing its tasks and in realising its ambition to grow. Please get to know our range of services. You will note that we have much more to offer and we are your ideal partner. Indeed, we take things further than just partnership. Our people and our approach make the difference.

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